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As a caring parent, you know very well how important a peaceful sleep is for a small child. Teething and accompanying symptoms cause disturbances of sleep and appetite as well as general feeling of being unwell. Baltic amber necklace was created for the sake of your child’s health, to help him and relieve him in the least pleasant period of infancy.

Highest quality

We are members of the International Amber Association. Our products are tested and subjected to the highest quality control.


Thanks to the manual tying of knots between ambers and various sizes of bracelets and necklaces. The product is specially fitted to your baby’s handle or neck.

2 years warranty

The customer receives a receipt and a 2-year warranty for each product purchased. If for any reason the product is damaged, we will exchange it for a new product free of charge.

30 days to return

Your satisfaction is most important to us. If the product does not meet your expectations, we will refund you the money.


Over 8000 lucky customers have trusted us in 5 European countries: Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

Certificate of authenticity

We add a certificate of authenticity to each product.

Linen bag

High quality linen bag for storing amber necklaces and bracelets.


The products are made by hand by our qualified craftsmen with care for the safety of the youngest.

Polish Baltic Amber

Natural Polish Baltic Amber, harvested straight from the Baltic Sea.

Teething bracelets

The use of Baltic amber for teething is a method recommended for several hundred years. The healing effect of amber causes contact with the child’s skin – natural amber provides the child’s body with valuable positive ions and electrons.

Babyzz products are a 100% safe way that will ensure peace and smile for your child.

Babyzz bursztynowa bransoletka na ząbkowanie kolor Mix 4

Teething necklaces

Thanks to the healing properties of the amber necklace, your child will experience less pain and less teething discomfort. In this way, he will be calmer, he will sleep better, and his appetite will remain unchanged.

Just like you, we know that nothing is more important than your child’s health and happiness.

CHEAPER in the set!

Take advantage of the promotion – now you can buy an amber bracelet and an amber necklace at a bargain price, as the perfect set for your baby.

Bracelet and necklace – set for 119 PLN!

Babyzz bursztynowy zestaw na ząbkowanie kolor Miodowy 2
Dziecko z bursztynową bransoletką w kolorze miodowym


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